May 2018 11th to 16th, Oxford

Certified training for the purposeful leaders of the interdependent world.

A clear purpose of the leadership calling is the defining feature of individuals, organizations and companies at the forefront of the increasingly interdependent 21st century – purposeful action has become the distinguishing feature of a new world reality. Leaders from all walks of life are joining this quest in their professional, as well as personal lives. We invite you to join the group of leaders equipped with clarity and a sense of direction that are already taking decisive steps to the forefront of this new world reality and inspire others to follow.


SQ is our meaning-centered intelligence on which we build our access to deep meaning, vision, values, and an over-arching sense of purpose in our lives and leadership. It is spiritual intelligence, which tells us who we are and what our lives are about.


Leaders of today face the greatest technological upheaval and restructure of purpose since the Industrial Revolution. Quantum thinking guided by the defining principles of quantum physic equips leaders with skills and knowledge to use both/and thinking, model future scenarios, encourage questions and experiments, and thrive on uncertainty.


We invite all leaders that recognize the need for a new leadership paradigm to join us for world-class experience of re-thinking the structures and leadership of organizations. The training is a 5-day dialogue between science, theory and practice developed to equip quantum leaders with knowledge and skills to trigger quantum leaps in their understanding of the potentials of the increasingly interconnected world.

Dates: May 2018 11th to 16th, Oxford

Deadline for application: Friday, March 30th 2018

Facilitators: prof. Danah Zohar (lectures), Ksenija Špiler Božič, Andrej Božič and Uršula Butkovič (workshop facilitators)

Minimum and maximum number of attendants: 12-20

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The SQ and quantum leadership training will offer explanations and tools on how to apply Quantum System Dynamics methodology that prepares leaders to effectively deal with situations of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity and increasing demands for purpose from employees and clients. The training will address a range of problem situations from strategic organisational development to team dynamics and individual decision-making.

The participants of this certified training will gain a unique insight to SQ and leadership informed by quantum principles from its founder, internationally renowned author, lecturer and speaker prof. Danah Zohar and BB Consulting team certified SQ and Quantum Leadership trainers with award winning business transformation model Being Better.

All applicants will receive a certificate upon completion of the program.

Topics of the SQ and quantum leadership training

Introductory day // introduction to the training and opening lecture Entering the Quantum Age

Day One // SQ and quantum thinking

Day Two // The motivation that drives us

Day Three // The Quantum Leader

Day Four // Quantum Organization: Quantum System Dynamics

Departure day // Wrap-up session and certificates ceremony

Training dynamic

Each full training day begins with breakfast and mediation followed by practical workshops led by BB Consulting and lecture by prof. Danah Zohar. We end the day with time dedicated to reflection.

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Price for training: 2.500 £ (without accommodation and transportation)

Early bird offer (by March 10 2018): - 10%

Residential course: approximate price for the accommodation and food for the duration of the training is 950 £ (without transportation costs). 

Ground literature: each participant will receive a list of mandatory readings before the training

Payment: participants have to pay the whole price of the training before April 30 2018. Upon application the participants make a 950 £ deposit for the training. The deposit will be reimbursed in case of insufficient number of applicants or in case of force majeure on the side of the organizers leading to the cancellation of the training. Deposit is transferable.


Prof. Danah Zohar 

Prof. Zohar has been described by Financial Times Prentice Hall as one of the world’s top 50 “business minds”. A physicist, philosopher, and management thought leader, she was educated at MIT and Harvard. She is the author of nine books relating the thinking of quantum physics and complex adaptive systems to such diverse topics as psychology, society and organisational leadership. Among these are The Quantum SelfThe Quantum SocietyRewiring the Corporate Brain, Spiritual Intelligence, Spiritual Capital and her most recent book The Quantum Leader.

Danah has taught at leading business schools in the UK, Australia, Eastern Europe and China. For several years she was on the faculty of Shell’s “Challenges for Change” leadership programme and of Oxford University’s “Strategic Leadership Programme”. She has done presentations, seminars, and training programmes for business organizations throughout the world. Among these are Shell, Motorola, BMW, Nokia, McKinsey, Volvo, Astra Pharmaceutical, Coca-Cola, Norwich Union Financial Services, and NASA. She has also worked with The British Cabinet Office, UNESCO, and the Davos World Economic Forum.


Ksenija Špiler Božič, leader-shaper

led by love

Ksenija is the pearl picker guided by an extraordinary sense of empathy in her mission to identify and develop unrealized potentials of individuals and teams. Her BB Consulting team of five works and lives under the slogan Being Better.

She started her professional career in international trade. In 1993 she became an independent entrepreneur and since 2000 she is the director of company BB Consulting. Over 18 years as the director BB Consulting she successfully led consulting and educational programs for more than 160 companies, among them Messer Slovenija, Petrol energetika, Iolar, BureauVeritas, Komunala Brežice,…

Most recent success is the globally renowned redevelopment of glass company Hrastnik 1860 based on Being Better business transformation model in tandem with Andrej Božič and the BB team.


Ksenija builds on a combination of her background in economics coupled with professional development in personal development and psychodynamics schools. This makes her a holistic business consultant and coach ready to take on a variety of business challenges. She developed her own intuitive approach to coaching and quantum model for change known as Being Better business transformation model. She has a pioneering mind and eagerness to implement changes.

Most recent education and trainings:

2017 Master of SQ and Quantum Leadership, Oxford Academy for Quantum Leadership with prof. Danah Zohar.


Andrej Božič, through-breaker

led by daring ambition

As a leader he does not appreciate excuses but encourages instead solution oriented outlook on the teams he leads. Under his leadership teams achieve results that bring about balanced benefits for all stakeholders.

He started his career 30 years ago as the director for company Videm Krško for 40 markets, successfully implemented numerous restructurings, redevelopments and start-up projects in Slovenia and on international markets. He successfully restructured paper company Goričane, group Iskra ERO and Mondi Raubling GmbH. He also served as the country manager in AA and managed group Droga.

His most recent success as a CEO is the globally renowned redevelopment of glass company Hrastnik 1860 based on Being Better business transformation model in tandem with Ksenija Špiler Božič and the BB team.


Andrej applies Being Better business transformation model for crisis management as well as for building teams in times of prosperity. His approach is based on the respect of employees and open communication. He believes in good relationships, employee development, leading by example and on understanding of employees as stakeholders of any sustainably successful business.

Most recent education and trainings:

2017 Master of SQ and Quantum Leadership, Oxford Academy for Quantum Leadership with prof. Danah Zohar.


Award of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia for exemplary business and entrepreneurial achievements

Managers' Association of Slovenia Manager of the Year 2016 Award

Magazine Kapital Manager of the Year 2016 Award

Hrastnik Municipality gold recognition for business achievements


Uršula Butkovič, idea-shaper

led by wholeheartedness

Uršula is an explorer of life and engages new challenges with eager curiosity.

She holds Bachelor’s Degree in Cultural Studies and Social Anthropology. She started her professional career as the project manager with The Ypsilon Institute. With Ypsilon she created educational events AkademYa, numerous events, international conferences with world renowned guests and created Mentorship program.


From a natural and professional place of understanding Uršula supports the development and implementation of positive changes with individuals, teams and companies. Her professional development in topics of communication, public speaking, time management, creative approaches and inclusive leadership have equipped her with the skills and knowledge necessary to holistically support clients and partners on their path to reinvention. She is a strong believer in the approach that whatever we can think of we can also achieve.

Over her 5 years with BB Consulting she successfully co-created consulting and educational programs glass company Hrastnik 1860, Messer Slovenija, Petrol energetika, Iolar, Komunala Brežice and independently led programs with companies Trac, Sava Turizem, IntesaSanpaolo, Europacific.


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