Quantum leadership training with dr. Danah Zohar in Oxford


BB Consulting invites you to a 5-day quantum leadership training organized in collaboration with its founder dr. Danah Zohar. Following the exceptionally positive feedback from the business community upon her visit in Slovenia we decided to offer an upgrade of this experience to leaders who are ready to dwell deeper in the topic. Training with the founder of the quantum leadership approach is a rare and exclusive opportunity for business leaders to gain knowledge in a community of leaders who are ready to address the opportunities and challenges of the 21. Century.

Training topic: quantum leadership

Dates: May 11 – May 16 2018

Facilitators: dr. Danah Zohar (lectures), Ksenija Špiler Božič in Uršula Butkovič (workshop facilitators)

Expected previous experiences and knowledge: potential applicants will receive a list of readings before the training

Minimum and maximum number of attendants: 12-20

We call for expression of interest for the training from the potential participants by February 28 2018. The training will happen in case of sufficient number of participants.

We invite everyone interested in the training to contact ksenija.bozic@bbconsulting.si

We will gladly talk to you personally in more detail about the purpose of the training, reasons to enrol and answer any questions related to the logistics of the training.

More about dr. Danah Zohar

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