Intervju z Mariko Ronty, avtorico voditeljskega modela LeaderIntelligence


Q: How do you like Slovenia?

Kind people, beautiful nature and a very good food. All good things are three.

My roots are Polish, but l ived most of my life in Sweden. Coming to Slovenija was a feeling of coming home.

Q: You speak and write a lot about the need for a transformation of leadership. Where exactly do you see the focus of the upcoming transformations? And why – where is the need?

My quickest answer is: Reduce being a manager and increase being a leader! The world need less managers and more leaders. Leaders are people oriented and managers are task oriented. We need them both but with another proportion.

The world is undergoing tremendous, rapid changes, and the leaders are lacking skills in handling the new world. The world of yesterday could cope with managers but the world of tomorrow need leaders. There is a big difference between those two roles.

The high level of stress and a lack in wellbeing is a symptom that something is wrong. People are worth being treated with respect and dignity which means we need leaders as role models. Do they have the right skills for the new world? Sad to say, no.

If you want a change it has to start with YOU. And all the transformative skills you need  can be developed.

Q: What are crucial leader competences of the 21st Century?

The most crucial competences are:

To be rooted in the purpose of your business, being Self- aware, dealing with complexity which means having a holistic understanding of our reality and being ethical in every thought and action.

The most crucial skill is being a good listener and being open minded to other people`s thoughts and show respect. The challenge is to deal with and reduce your personal interests.

Q: Where do you see the next great opportunity of leadership? Is Sweden with its 'Nordic Secret' an exception in any way?

In Sweden we have a long tradition of dialogues in different forms which is crucial for a democracy. Dialogues are beneficial within the corporation but still, we are all in the world turbo spiral which means we don´t take the time for dialogues which are needed to cope with a totally new world.

Q: Where do you see the next great opportunity of leadership? Is Sweden with its 'Nordic Secret' an exception in any way? 

In October we will present a new Swedish leadership model called Leader Intelligence based on a huge empirical material coming from leaders in Sweden and we also introduce a new way of conducting Performance Appraisals called Development Dialogue two concepts that will prepare you for the next century.



Marika Ronty has nearly four decades of experience being an executive business supervisor.

Before that she worked as a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and a lecturer at the University of Stockholm. One of her books was awarded as the best leadership book of the year (1992).

Her latest book is about Leader Intelligence: Leader Intelligence: How you can develop your leader intelligence with the help of your soul, heart and mind. The model has become a trademark and is growing as a conceptual model of understanding what is crucial for the New World.

You can order the book in English in pdf format by contacting us at Price: 12 EUR.